I've been part of countless musical projects over the years - listed here are some of the latest and greatest!

Youkali is a dynamic ensemble that plays with infectious enthusiasm and feeling in an array of styles. At the core of the trio are accordion, fiddle, and bass. With each member a multi-instrumentalist, expect an eruption of tone colors. Songs and tunes are chosen from a diverse repertoire and blended into a sophisticated mix of international folk, classical, swing, tango, blues, pop music, and jazz, dubbed " post-eclectic " ... (see more)

Hot Lips and Fingertips is a musical phenomenon that evolves as its six members continue to follow their individual creative paths. The depth and diversity of their personal pursuits and skills shape their collective performances as a multi-faceted dynamic ensemble. Individually, they are associated with dozens of TV shows and movie sound tracks as well as historic pop, rock and country artists, over a hundred albums (including some that are iconic platinum and gold records) and several Grammy winners... (see more)

The Durant Family Band are 5 accomplished musicians who sing and play a dazzling array of instruments and styles. They came together to record this one-of-a-kind album as a special project.... (see more)

Daniel Kahane
Stringed Instrument Instruction