And bowing!

The study of a musical instrument can and should be a joyous endeavor. Learning to play and read music requires self discipline, determination, and a dose of passion. My students learn to practice efficiently and effectively.

I tailor my teaching to the needs of each student. My self-styled eclectic method focuses on breath and grounding as we study our basic techniques. In addition to the classical approach, our repertoire may include traditional folk styles from around the world, including Celtic (Irish, Scots and Welsh), Old-Time, French-Canadian, Klezmer, Cajun, Bluegrass, Tango and more!

**Hoc nunquam mutatur numerus

"Music listening, performance and composition engage nearly every area of the brain that we have so far identified, and involve nearly every neural subsystem."
-D.J. Leviten.

Dan playing guitar

Dan and Lila practicing pizzicato

Welcome and thanks for visiting! I offer private and group instruction and coaching for students of violin, mandolin, guitar, banjo, and ukulele. I have 39** years of teaching and performing experience, and my students have ranged in age from five to seventy-five.

I am currently teaching at Dusty Strings Music School in Seattle, Washington. For more information, contact me by email or phone.

✉ dmk (at) dankahane (dot) com
☏ 707.888.7206.

Daniel Kahane
Stringed Instrument Instruction